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Dual Indoor Water Vending Station

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Do you own or operate an Apartment Complex, Convenience Store, Self-Service Laundry, Gas Station or similar high public foot traffic business and have some available space to ADD an extra income stream?  The high-profit margin of selling Water using self-service vending machines could be your answer.

Our latest product line, the WS-Series of water vending machines are designed for those indoor locations (or outdoors, protected by a kiosk or similar special structure).  Don't have 1000 or more square feet for a typical strip mall retail water store layout?  These models offer:

1) Smaller floor footprint size, with alternate cabinet sizes,  shapes and faucet layouts scaled to fit your available space (from 2 to 9 faucets!)  You can e-mail to us your photos and floor plan layouts with dimensions, and we can make suggestions.

2) Self-contained design - Multiple stages include pre-R/O filters and treatments (sediment, chlorine removal, etc), R/O filter, product storage tank, delivery sub-system with polishing filter & final U/V Sterilizer at point of delivery.

3) Attractive and easy to maintain stainless steel surfaces. Designs, parts and materials in the "water path" are periodically reviewed and approved by various public and private environmental test laboratories (ETL). Certificates and other documentation available, on request.. 

4) We build products to last a long time, with rugged high quality commercial food-grade faucets and other dispenser parts, designed to meet requirements of most local health and public safety agencies in California, other states in the USA and several countries around the world!

Model sizes with faucet counts from 2 to 9: Choose based on available space!.  Each faucet can be configured for automatic acceptance and collection of payment by coins, bills or tokens.  We can customize your machine to match your area's local electricity voltage & water supply. (ie. Euros, Pesos, Yen, Non-US Dollars).  Please ask.

Note: The source water supplied to all our products must meet minimum volume, pressure and have other characteristics for proper operation of pumps, filters, R/O, and delivery sub-systems.