Service Information

Water Vending is proud to offer a wide range of services that will help keep your equipment in top shape and you save you valuable time.  Whether you need just a filter change or a whole new water store, we can help.  We offer our services to most of Southern California.  If you are calling from outside the area, please ask.  We have many ways we can help.


Phone (424) 416-7818


General Repair & Maintenance

We can repair and maintain all of the following types of equipment:

  • Water Vending Machines
  • Commercial & Residential R/O Systems
  • Home & Office Water Coolers
  • Coin and Bill Acceptors (Coinco, Mars & other brands) for ANY type of vending machine!
  • Other water-related equipment (Pumps, R/O Membranes, Housings, U/V Sterilizers, TDS meters, Flow meters, etc.) for Swimming Pools, Spas, Self-Service Car Washes and more!


Contract Repair & Maintenance

Services for all the above equipment are available under a specific term agreement (contract) for flat-rate regular monthly fees.  This is especially applicable if you have several machines and/or locations (routes).  You can rely on us to keep your machines maintained and working well so that they continue producing the maximum revenue while you spend less time attending to the details.  Such contracts can include:

  • Regular visits (usually monthly intervals, or more often, depending on need) for general cleaning and sanitizing (inside/out), checking of and replacement of filters and other supplies.
  • Emergency on-call  visits (for "Out-of-Order", or "Coin-Jam" type situations) within 24 hours, in most cases.  We provide stickers w/our toll-free phone number and can also handle customer refunds.
  • Collection of AND accounting of monies w/commission payments to site-owners
  • Summary and detailed reports showing services performed, monies collected or paid out, vend counter (meter) readings and water quality (TDS, taste & appearance).


Consulting and Assistance Services for Water Stores


If you own or are planning to build a Water Store or upgrade your existing Water Store equipment, you already know there are many rules and regulations to comply with as well as permits to obtain and inspections to pass.  Also, there always is some construction (machine area, walls, floor, plumbing and electrical work) needed for the R/O system and fill-station.  These can be quite expensive and time-consuming, especially for anyone new to the water store business. 


Let us help you!


We have over 10 years experience assisting owners of dozens of water stores, many from scratch!  We have worked with many good contractors and can help you find the best contractor bids with the best prices, for your specific needs.


We also have worked with the State of California Health Department in securing the required Health Permits and personally know most of the local area field inspectors.  This familiarity is very instrumental in obtaining approval quickly.  By reducing or even eliminating any cause to deny or delay your permit approval, you get your store up and running and GENERATE your revenue faster!  Such Consulting and Assistance Services include:


  • Preliminary Planning - including drawings, blueprints and review of local government requirements.
  • Requesting and Review of bids from contractors.  We will make our recommendations; you select the bid(s).
  • Permit Applications (filling out, paying fees and timely filing).
  • Lab Tests, including water sample collection and submission to a State-Approved Water Test Lab.  Review, Corrections, if needed, and Final Submission of Lab Reports to Health Department.
  • Our personal presence at the time of inspections.  Prompt attention to and correction of negative observations noted during inspections, if any.
  • Continual oversight throughout the approval process to ensure that things go as smoothly and quickly as possible.


If you are in need of any of the above, call or text now at (424) 416-7818 to request a quotation!