Water Vending Machines


Aqua Products manufactures the BEST water vending machines!  Each machine contains a complete R/O (Reverse Osmosis) treatment system and an Ultraviolet Sterilization System.  Our vending machines are listed with the City of Los Angeles Electrical & Mechanical Test Labs for safety.


All water vending machines are built to order.  Therefore you can tailor your machine to fit YOUR needs!  Do you want a machine for shipment to a foreign country?  We can build it so that it works on that country's electric system!  We also can insure that the coin or bill acceptor units can handle the country's currency.  We even can make the machine dispense water by a remote button, operated by an attendant or business owner where no coins or currency are used.   Do you want extra protection from vandalism?  We can cover the cabinet with Stainless Steel.  With our experience, we can solve many difficult problems, such as these.

Commercial R/O Water Treatment Systems for Retail Water Stores, Hotels, and other businesses.


As the owner of a business, you are responsible for the quality and taste of the drinking water you supply to your customers. Water Vending is proud to have built hundreds of R/O SYSTEMS, both large and small, to serve Retail Water Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and many businesses.  Whether you need just a few hundred gallons a day to over 10,000!  Water Vending can build it for you.  Just like our vending machines, each system is tailored specifically to YOUR needs.  We can even build and ship our systems, ready to work practically ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!